Safe and Sound Schools Releases State of School Safety Report

school safety

Safe and Sound Schools – a national resource for school safety established following the Sandy Hook tragedy – marked its fifth anniversary by issuing the State of School Safety Report for 2018. This first-ever report highlights perceptions of school safety among parents, middle- and high school students, educators and the public and explores topics like perceptions of safety preparedness and threats in schools and opinions about capabilities to improve school safety.

The report illustrates several school safety issues, including a communication gap between educators and parents and students, the need to involve experts in school safety planning a difference in safety perceptions among schools with fewer than 500 students. Learn more about the report findings and download the results here.

Safe and Sound Schools is led by Co-Founder and Executive Director Michele Gay, a parent who lost her daughter Josephine in the Sandy Hook shooting. Gay is a member of the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools steering committee, which is dedicated to making the changes needed to bring a new vision into reality when it comes to appropriately secured schools. SIA recently created a video featuring Gay, which discusses the need to improve school safety. Check it out here:



To learn more about SIA’s work in school security and its guidelines for K–12 schools, visit the School Safety page.

Finally, on June 28 – as part of its upcoming GovSummit – SIA is hosting a Secure Schools Roundtable in cooperation with the Congressional School Safety Caucus. This discussion – expanded to a half-day program for 2018 – will feature key stakeholders from government, education, law enforcement and industry discussing the need for school security guidelines and standards, the role of government in funding school security and the need for coordination among educators, school facility personnel and first responders in protecting our schools. Learn more about the roundtable – and register to attend – on the SIA GovSummit website.