Employee Hiring Tip: Questions NOT to Ask in an Interview

What interview questions NOT to ask

The security industry, like any other, faces hiring challenges, and identifying, engaging, recruiting and hiring the best talent available is critical to fueling future strategic growth plans. A key component of the hiring process is asking the right questions in interviews (and avoiding asking the wrong questions).

State laws vary widely regarding what you can and cannot as during an interview, but according to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines, these are the essentials:

  • You cannot ask about their race, color or national origin.
  • You cannot ask about their religious affiliation
  • You cannot ask about sexual preference, gender identity or sexual orientation. You cannot ask about pregnancy status.
  • You cannot ask about their disabilities.
  • You cannot ask their age or genetic information.
  • You can ask if they can legally work in the U.S., but not their citizenship.
  • You cannot ask about their marital status or number of children.

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