Right to Repair Bills, Data Privacy Acts Among Top State Legislative Agendas

right to repair

With state legislatures actively preparing for the 2019 session, the Security Industry Association (SIA) is tracking movement on issues that could impact security systems integrators, security solution developers and product manufacturers, and other companies providing technology and services inside the industry.

Within the broader picture of emerging legislation, one legislative topic likely to become a key issue for state legislatures in the coming 2019 session is what’s known as “right to repair” legislation, which are bills that typically prescribe the right for independent companies to repair digital electronic equipment. These bills often have language that relates to potential disclosure of diagnostic and other proprietary information needed to make such repairs. The right to repair legislation is active in New Jersey (NJ A. 589/S. 1638), North Dakota (ND HB 1305) and Virginia (VA HB 1754) among other states.

Data privacy is another very important issue emerging for 2019 in state legislatures, especially since California passed the Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, legislation similar to the European Union GDPR requirements. New York has become the next big state to introduce similar legislation with NY A 465, which seeks to create personal information bill of rights for residents and institute data breach requirements.

In the area of school safety, SIA is seeing active legislation as more states seek to improve the safety of K-12 institutions. Lawmakers from the Indiana legislature introduced IN HB 1004 to help with the purchase of equipment and materials used to enhance the safety of schools.

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