Buy America(n), Consumer Data Protection and the Security Industry: Key State Legislative Updates

Buy American

With the 2019 state legislative session actively underway, the Security Industry Association (SIA) is tracking movement on two issues this week that could impact security systems integrators, security solution developers, product manufacturers and other companies providing technology and services inside the industry.

“Buy America(n)” practices, which impose domestic content restrictions and require state procurement officials to give contractual preference to articles, materials and supplies manufactured in the United States, are a key issue in the coming 2019 session.

Lawmakers in Illinois introduced two Buy American measures, IL HB 356 and IL HB 357,  which could negatively impact the intricate supply chain mechanisms that allow life safety and other security systems from being economically accessible to consumers. While the bills mention potential exemption of life safety devices, this exemption remains unclear, since they include a 50-percent domestic component value test. Buy America(n) legislation is currently active in Virginia and Kentucky, in addition to Illinois.

Consumer data protection continues to be a very important issue for 2019 in state legislatures. Lawmakers in Oregon recently introduced similar legislation to California’s Internet of Things cybersecurity lawOR HB 2395 seeks to require manufacturers who sell connected devices to equip such products with security features to protect information that may be collected from consumers without their authorization.

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SIA’s Security Policy Brief is an online, interactive tracking tool helps you follow legislation in progress at both federal and state levels. You can search for and follow topics (e.g., biometrics) or track legislation by state. All bills in the tool have been identified by SIA government relations staff as having potential impact on the security industry.

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