SIA Member Profile: IPVideo Corporation

IPVideo executive team

Security Industry Association (SIA) member IPVideo Corporation is a leading manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance and audio/video recording solutions, passive visual weapons detection systems and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology. The company is headquartered in Bay Shore, New York, and has a second facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and field offices in New Jersey, Colorado and Florida.

SIA spoke with IPVideo Corporation CEO David Antar and Rick Cadiz, vice president of sales and marketing, about the company, the security industry and working with SIA.

SIA: Tell us the story of your company.

Rick Cadiz: IPVideo was founded in 1996, when IP video technology was in its infancy, and was among the first to take advantage of this emerging technology in the development of security products. When IPVideo launched its first video management platform, it deviated from its competitors, who were all selling DVR solutions.

David Antar: When we launched our first video management platform, it was a pure network solution that we developed specifically for use with Axis IP cameras, which were brand-new to the American market. IPVideo was a name that differentiated us from the other solutions that were available at the time.

RC: Some of our earliest customers included Lockheed Martin, a Nestle manufacturing facility in Ohio and a major steel manufacturer in Mississippi. IPVideo also found success in introducing IP video technology into the K-12 education market more than a decade ago.

DA: The Manchester School District in Connecticut was one of the first districts in the United States to install a pure IP video surveillance solution. This was over 10 years ago, and it was very exciting at the time. Today, our products are used in thousands of schools, universities, hospitals, police departments and companies across the country that are supported by us and our fantastic channel partners.

What solutions/services does your business offer in the security industry? And what makes your offerings/company unique?

RC: IPVideo manufactures five main products. Our most exciting is the brand-new HALO IoT Smart Sensor, a security device for privacy areas. Next, we have jumped into the metal detection arena with our launch of ViewScan, the most technologically advanced passive walk-through concealed weapons detection system. Its easy-to-use PC-based software displays and tracks those who are carrying threat objects. ViewScan’s sensor technology accurately detects the location and number of threat objects such as knives, guns and razor blades, while ignoring personal artifacts like coins, keys and jewelry; it can also detect and locate threat objects which have been covered or masked with materials such as aluminum foil, lead and plastic. Every person safely passing through the portal is scanned and can be archived with the following data: snapshot image of the person, date and time, threshold settings, sensor readings and graphical display. ViewScan is safe for pregnant women, pacemakers and medical implants.

Our third product, AVfusion, is an easy-to-install network-based audio/video recording system designed with a simple-to-use interface. Sports training and games, educational lessons and police interrogations can be recorded and played back in HD over a simple network connection. Set up your cameras to record in whatever location you desire, and the AV recording is transmitted over the network to a central recording location. Connect many cameras to a single AVfusion system simultaneously. Recording is as simple as clicking a button, and recorded files can be shared and viewed using standard multimedia players used by computers, tablets and smartphones.

NomadHD is a high-performance 2MP IP video camera with a rechargeable battery and WiFi and/or 4G/LTE broadcast capability and the ability to record locally to an SD card, all within a compact custom housing, designed for easy installation on any smooth surface without the need for tools. The camera can be deployed in seconds, providing immediate, on-demand surveillance video. The updated design is 50 percent smaller than its predecessor and features 2-way audio, expanded mounting options and longer battery life. Its presence can serve as a theft deterrent as well as a forensic tool for a wide range of applications, including the monitoring of cargo holds, freight handling, construction areas, crime scenes and high-crime areas. The camera’s rechargeable battery can operate for up to 8 hours per charge. An impact-resistant and weatherproof housing allow for deployment indoors and out. A lockable on/off switch prevents on-site tampering. The NomadHD may be used in conjunction with many common video management systems due to its ONVIF profile, making it an ideal tool for port authorities, law enforcement organizations and other security management teams responsible for monitoring multiple frequently changing locations.

Mosaic iSky & iHOST is a turnkey surveillance system that combines cost-effective wireless IP cameras with cloud-based video management. With a proprietary way of streaming video content, Mosaic iSKY provides an innovative alternative to traditional security guard deployment, providing a 180-degree field of view, video analytics that trigger recording, 2-way communication, infrared view capability, wireless broadcasting and more. Mosaic iHOST stores video through the cloud and provides a mobile way of maintaining complete situational awareness.

What’s something we might not know about your company – or something new you’re doing in security?

RC: As mentioned earlier, our newest product offering is the HALO IoT Smart Sensor; initially intended for schools to combat the vaping and school shooting epidemics, HALO Smart Sensor has now expanded across industries. The HALO detects environmental changes that occur in privacy concern areas. As a device on the network, it will send alerts to security personnel.

With HALO, designated personnel will be alerted when environmental changes occur in typically unsupervised areas. HALO can detect flammables, hazardous chemicals, air quality changes such as vaping and smoking and changes in temperature and humidity. HALO can also detect noise level fluctuations and can send alerts when unusual activity occurs. HALO will also analyze room occupancy through light detection.

Using the latest in smart technology, HALO adds a layer of security in places not covered by traditional surveillance cameras such as bathrooms, locker rooms, hotel rooms and patient/hospital rooms.

With HALO, security staff can now monitor areas where cameras are not allowed. Staff can get these alerts through the web or traditional burglar and video systems management monitoring tools.

HALO has already won two significant industry awards for Most Innovative IoT security product and Best Alert Notification System.

SIA: What is your company’s vision, and what are your goals for the security industry?

DA: With HALO we were able to tie numerous sensors together into a single intelligent platform to learn, analyze and create event alerts. That’s what the future of security is all about. Artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with machine learning is the game changer that makes security professionals efficient and effective. Rather than watch an unrealistic number of cameras, smart sensors create triggers that focus security personnel on events which allow them to respond and react in the proper way. We are humbled multiple security expert panelists recognized the game-changing security alert features of our HALO IoT Smart Sensor and chose us for this honor.

SIA: What do you think are the biggest opportunities in the security industry right now?

RC: IoT sensor technology coupled with AI and machine learning using data analytics – these are the game changers and the next evolution of our industry.

SIA: What do you enjoy most about being at your company – and in the security industry?

RC: I was in the telecommunications, IT and networking world for 20+ years before joining the security industry. If a client’s email is down, it is an annoyance, but it is not life and death. The security industry is critical in nature, and there is a great sense of pride when your technology and service have helped protect and/or saved lives.

SIA: What does SIA offer that is most important to you/your company? And what do you most hope to get out of your membership?

RC: SIA is a great source of industry information and valuable networking organization that puts like-minded security folks together to share knowledge and improve our practice. I personally look to capitalize further on these opportunities to help expand and improve our business.

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