Key Factors Driving Robotic Technology Adoption in the Security Industry: Top Statistics From SIA’s Report

robotic technology adoption

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released a new report for SIA members examining the opportunities, benefits and reasons for growth presented by the robotic security market. Market Spotlight: Extending the Capabilities of Human Security Officers With Modern Robotics – produced exclusively for SIA by research firm IDC in partnership with SIA’s Autonomous Security Robotics Working Group – highlights the evolution of robotic technology, how robots can enhance the skills of human security officers, security robots as modular platforms and more.

Robotic security is not just about the robot taking on tasks, reducing cost and reducing labor risk. Several factors are helping drive innovation in the market, which is subsequently driving interest and adoption of the technology:

  • Evolution of technology: Technology innovation has always been a mechanism to drive business and process improvements; it is no different in the physical security industry. Advancements in mobility, vision, sensors, artificial intelligence and connectivity have enabled innovators in the robotics industry to develop highly capable mobile robotic security systems designed to augment the skills and capabilities of human officers.
  • Enhancing the skills of human officers: Humans, in general, are limited in their ability to sense and respond to their environments; robots, however, can see in the dark, smell what humans can’t and pick up any myriad of signaling dependent on their sensors. Robots provide opportunities to augment the skills of human officers; for example, they enable a human to monitor a wider range of space with less effort by acting as a mobile sensor and data capturing tool.
  • Modular platforms: A unique aspect of robotic devices is that they can be equipped with a variety of tools and sensors, as needed, to enhance the robot’s capabilities. Essentially, these devices represent modular platforms that can be configured to meet any variety of requirements for sensing depending on the specific needs of a particular scenario.

SIA’s Autonomous Security Robots Working Group brings together members of the security industry, end users, technology experts and other interested parties to promote best practices regarding the use of robots in security, develop research, offer guidance on legislative and regulatory matters and enhance communication and collaboration.

Read the full report here.