SIA New Member Profile: Hexicurity, Inc.


Security Industry Association (SIA) member Hexicurity, Inc., works to provide not just convergence, but convenience to property management. The company’s solution networks various tenant access control systems into an integrated whole. Hexicurity is headquartered in Spring, Texas.

SIA spoke with Hexicurity’s president, Susie Mallard, about the company, the security industry and working with SIA.

SIA: Tell us the story of your company.

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Susie Mallard: Hexicurity grew out of our work with a system integrator in the Houston, Texas, area. George Mallard, our vice president of engineering, saw opportunities in a critical but unaddressed pain point for all of our Fortune 100 clients – how to move their people from the street to the suite. Within a single organization, access control technology is excellent. Pain occurs when you attempt to integrate a plethora of systems for a multi-tenant building. Reliving that pain was the inspiration of our first patent, 8,370,911, becoming the basis for the coast-to-coast true enterprise solution our clients enjoy today.

What solutions/services does your business offer in the security industry? And what makes your offerings/company unique?

SM: Hexicurity offers simpler and smarter solutions to integration in multi-tenant buildings and campuses. The marriage of the Wiegand standard with Ethernet answers the challenge of multi-tenant integration.

Parallel access is the TransVerify® secret sauce. Parallel access uses hardware to link the tenant with the base building. Our flagship TransVerify® enables a tenant total control and visibility over their employees: it eliminates the need for duplicate dual entry, file transfer and card database synchronization issues. Integrators like the simple installation and the fact it works on doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators, elevator dispatch systems and HVAC. Tenants like it because their employee list never leaves their corporate envelope, shields the tenant and the base building networks from each other and seamlessly integrate HR’s workflow for on- and off-boarding of employees.

Our FirstPrincipals™ solutions integrate access control solutions in the air between the credential and the reader, extending the credential cryptographic protections from the street to the suite. Also, FirstPrincipals is an excellent solution for transitioning to new reader technologies.

Our WiegandGateway™ solutions offer a proven hardware integration between the new artificial intelligence video recognition systems and legacy access control systems. As this technology leverages the universally support Wiegand signals, it enables integration without fickle software APIs.

We designed our TEAM™ (Turnstile Ethernet Access Management) products for high-security turnstile installations where several tenants require notification of not only employee access but also physical security violations or equipment failures. TEAM™ supports two readers and 24 monitoring or control points.

What’s something we might not know about your company – or something new you’re doing in security?

SM: A noted consultant defined us as a disruptive technology. We are disruptive because we listen to our clients and respond with frictionless solutions. There is nothing we love more than an interesting challenge. 

SIA: What does SIA offer that is most important to you/your company? And what do you most hope to get out of your membership?

SM: It seems to us that SIA is a unique forum where manufacturers can exchange best practices and educate the security industry on new and interesting products and techniques. SIA allows the integrators to better serve their clients with educated solutions for their security challenges.

Hexicurity hopes to contribute to the advancement of security technologies. Our company mission is to make security stronger, safer and frictionless. As a wise integrator once observed, convenience trumps security, meaning that a security solution is only useful if users embrace it. Therefore, frictionless technologies are the key to adoption.

We look forward to our membership with SIA helping us partner with other manufacturers in achieving this goal.

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