Security Megatrend: The Internet of Things & the Big Data Effect

Internet of Things

The security industry is an exciting, attractive and technology-driven industry delving into the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), drones, robotics, software as a service and more. There’s data coming from everywhere. Now, the challenge is how to manage and segment all of this information so that it’s usable and pertinent to the user.

In the Security Industry Association’s 2019 Megatrends report, showcasing the major trends and forces at play in the global security industry, the second Megatrend is IoT and the Big Data Effect. Here are some highlights.

Megatrend Movement

A recurring Megatrend, the IoT moved from the top position to number 2 in 2019’s Megatrends, obscured only slightly by the growing concern over cyber risk and threat. Big data, combined with smart data, was the third-ranked trend in 2018, moving up in 2019.

“Today, modern physical security solutions are comprised of IoT devices and sensors that generate high volumes of security data. Applying analytics and AI systems makes this data more actionable and increases responsiveness for security systems users.” – Scott Schafer, SIA Chairman of the Board


More data necessitates better ways to funnel and manage that data and get it to the user and even responding authorities in a cohesive manner.

The IoT and other smart technologies will continue to disrupt the security of cyber-physical systems, which connects this trend back to the top Security Megatrend for 2019, cybersecurity. There’s no line between the two – both need to be considered as the industry grapples with growing threats to connected security devices and all the data traversing open connections.


IoT and big data are related, along with their impact on the security industry, and it’s more than just device connectivity. Big data could mean success (or failure) for companies that do not work to change and make use of all the information coming in. According to an Accenture study, 79 percent of enterprise executives agree that companies that do not embrace big data will lose their competitive positions and could face extinction. Even more, 83 percent, have pursued big data projects to seize a competitive edge.

Get key takeaways on IoT and big data, along with information on the other 2019 Security Megatrends, in the full report.