Announcing the SIA Center of Excellence

SIA Center of Excellence

A top priority of the Security Industry Association (SIA) is helping to develop a skilled and knowledgeable security workforce. Finding the most relevant and effective learning tools and resources to support continuing education and professional development can be a challenge in such a broad industry that encompasses many different categories of business. To address this, SIA is in the process of developing a Center of Excellence.

Mission: To improve individual, team and organizational performance by making available easy-to-access learning and development tools and resources.

The SIA Center of Excellence will be a member-driven learning consortium for education, research and training resources serving the security industry. This online repository will offer on-demand training courses, e-learning modules, webinars, articles and other key learning tools developed by SIA and featuring contributions from leading security experts and manufacturers. All educational resources made available through the SIA Center of Excellence must be instructional, informative and product-neutral. 

Vision: To create a centralized learning and development environment where industry stakeholders can access and leverage educational resources while creating a collaborative space where member organizations can contribute training content and share best practices.

The growing need for knowledge and skill acquisition within various verticals of the security industry is compounded by the competition for qualified talent. The rapid evolution of technology is reshaping the security industry and challenging individuals – and organizations – to keep pace in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. By building the Center of Excellence, SIA is taking an innovative approach to addressing the security industry’s workforce development challenges through information sharing, promoting best practices and encouraging collaboration among practitioners, integrators and manufacturers.

Developing a shared vision among industry stakeholders to address the skills gap and foster an improved workforce development strategy requires contributions of quality content. From foundational concepts in security to technical systems and standards, the SIA Center of Excellence will include educational resources targeting different audiences with varying experience levels. The goal of the Center of Excellence is to make training and education available to security companies and consultants who are proactively looking to educate their employees, clients and contractors.

SIA’s continued efforts to provide education and training, promote standard, and share knowledge across the security industry will reach a new level of achievement with the launch of the SIA Center of Excellence. In moving the industry forward, we invite our members to get involved with this new initiative and help us in co-creating the future of workforce development in our industry.

To learn more or become a contributing member, please contact Elli Voorhees, SIA director of education and training, at or 301-804-4798.