Security Cornerstones: The Security Ecosystem

security ecosystem

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has launched the Security Cornerstones Learning Series, a new e-learning program that provides a fundamental overview of the business practices and technologies used within today’s security industry. Designed primarily for novice security professionals, the series promotes greater understanding of technical concepts for career veterans with a focus on elements of the industry they may not interact with directly or regularly.

The first learning module, The Security Ecosystem, offers a comprehensive look at how the industry works, the services each segment of the industry provides and the various stakeholders involved in a successful security deployment. Key learning points in this module include:

  • A definition of the security ecosystem
  • The various members of the ecosystem, including end users/security practitioners, security consultants, systems integrator and manufacturers
  • Key job roles in the ecosystem
  • Security ecosystem vertical industries
  • The security integration life cycle

The Security Cornerstones Learning Series is provided free to employees of SIA member companies, and each module is only $29 for non-members. Access Module 1 here, and learn more about the full series and upcoming topics here.