SIA Seeks Member Opinions About Fever Detection Systems

SIA seeks member input on fever detection technologies

In response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the security industry has sought to provide customers with solutions to assist with responsible recovery and reopening.

Recently, however, it has become increasingly clear that there have been some products introduced during this time that are missing the mark when it comes to enhancing public safety. Specifically, there are reports of some fever detection systems which have been underperforming in their intended use cases either because of failure to conform to standards, exaggerated claims or outright deceptive tactics. The result has been confusion in the market which leads to a false sense of public safety; the proliferation of solutions that cannot function as intended also negatively affects makers, resellers and users of solutions that do work.

SIA hopes to raise awareness of these issues to the public and ask for the government to emphasize and enforce existing safety standards such as the thorough FDA guidelines on this matter. We are looking to gauge whether SIA member organizations support messaging to the public and the FDA, and we need your input.

If your firm is an SIA member company (Unsure? Check our member directory.) and you wish to provide input, please email Joe Gittens, SIA’s director of standards, with brief answers to the following questions:

  1. Does your organization support efforts by SIA to raise awareness of these issues to industry stakeholders and the FDA?
  2. Would your organization be interested in joining an ad-hoc group of SIA members that review the final messaging? If so, who from your organization should be contacted?

Thank you for weighing in on this matter.