Introducing the SIA Women in Security Forum Speakers Bureau

SIA Women in Security Forum Speakers Bureau

List yourself as a speaker or use the Speakers Bureau to request a speaker and help us bring more diversity to industry events and educational programs.

It’s always been the mission of the SIA Women in Security Forum (WISF) to cultivate the leadership of women for a more inclusive and diverse industry, and now the WISF is proud to announce the creation of the WISF Speakers Bureau.

The purpose of WISF Speakers bureau is to bring new perspectives to the security industry and cultivate the leadership of women. This resource connects industry experts with conference and media organizations that are interested in raising the bar and challenging the status quo. The WISF Speakers Bureau will bring women into to conversation to provide different views and more importantly, make the industry stronger.

How the Women in Security Forum Speakers Bureau works:

  1. Speakers add themselves to the database (open to all SIA members) using this form.
  2. Event organizers or companies seeking speakers for a program will specify their criteria and request a speaker using this form.
  3. SIA will match speaker requests with speakers in our database and help introduce the event organizer to the speaker(s)

We have built the SIA WISF Speakers Bureau because we believe that demonstrating greater diversity in events, sessions and other educational programs will inspire other women to believe the security industry has a place for them, and will ultimately grow diversity in the talent pipeline and show the rich opportunities and career paths for women in the security industry.

Ready to get started? Visit the WISF Speakers Bureau here.