Relevant Security Technologies Under the American Rescue Plan Act

Screenshot from The American Rescue Plan Act, Infrastructure Modernization and the Role of Safety and Security Solutions session at GovSummit

In this video, get an overview of which safety and security solutions fall into allowable uses under ARP and CARES Act funding.

On April 28, the Security Industry Association (SIA) hosted Part 1 of the 2021 SIA GovSummit, the nation’s premier government security conference connecting government, security and technology. This daylong virtual conference featured insights from experts in government, industry, academia and the nonprofit sector on the security issues that matter the most to government agencies.

In one noteworthy session – The American Rescue Plan Act, Infrastructure Modernization and the Role of Safety & Security Solutions – a panel of experts provided an overview of how business aid and economic stimulus in the most recent COVID-19 relief legislation may impact safety and security technologies and what to expect from the additional relief measures to be considered by the 117th Congress.

In this video clip from the presentation, speaker David Klug of Convergint Technologies shares insights on the safety and security solutions that fall into the allowable uses under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. In this session, Klug highlighted ARP funding uses on the state and local level as well as in K-12 education and discussed relevant technologies under CARES and ARP, such as contactless access control, including biometric credentials; camera system expansion/upgrades and related video analytics enabling social distancing tools, people counting, occupancy detection, exposure reporting tools and license plate recognition; cybersecurity solutions; temperature screening and thermal imaging; physical security information management; communications equipment, including radio; and technology systems maintenance and service. Moderator Jake Parker, senior director of government relations at SIA, also discussed how ARP and CARES Act funding differs from other government grants in terms of disbursement of funds.

Want to watch the full session? Archived video from Part 1 of SIA GovSummit is available to all who attended the virtual conference via the agenda page. Missed the conference? You can access all the videos and unlock access to SIA GovSummit Parts 2 (June 9) and 3 (Sept. 21) by registering for an All Access Pass. We hope to see you at the next virtual GovSummit event!