SIA Supports Ethical Uses of Security Technology

Security Industry Association (SIA)

The Security Industry Association has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the responsible and ethical uses of security technology.

In July 2020, SIA implemented its Code of Ethics and required all new and renewing members to affirm that they will abide by the provisions of the code. SIA regards the code as a baseline for ethical behavior and encourages members to go above and beyond those standards in their operations.

In accordance with the Code of Ethics and the policies and procedures accompanying it, the SIA Board of Directors has terminated the membership of Dahua Technology. Under the terms of SIA’s ethics policy, any company whose membership has been terminated may apply to be reinstated after a period of one year.

SIA’s enforcement of its ethics policy is an ongoing process. The SIA Executive Committee and Board of Directors will continue to review all additional cases brought before it in a consistent and unbiased manner.