Congratulations to the First Recipients of the SICC!

Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is proud to recognize the first group of professionals to earn the Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC), a new industry credential developed by SIA with support from PSA Security Network and Security Specifiers and the first-ever certification focused specifically on cybersecurity and physical security convergence.

The first 12 professionals to earn the SICC credential are:

  • Rich Campbell
  • Tua Chai
  • Jim Cooper
  • Stephen Gaylor
  • Courtney Gibson
  • Edwin Goris
  • Carlos Jimenez
  • Donald Kwietniak
  • Jeff Piva
  • David Schulze
  • Clinton Stoffer
  • Matt Varvais

“Becoming SICC certified is an outstanding achievement that serves as an outward demonstration of one’s commitment to the security profession and their own professional development,” said Dr. Elli Voorhees, director of learning and development at SIA. “These trailblazing members of SIA and PSA are setting a new standard for our industry which is quickly becoming a competitive differentiator in the marketplace. We wish them all continued success!”

The SICC program is designed for security industry professionals and assesses and validates the core competencies these individuals must possess to effectively perform roles involving key facets of cybersecurity. 

“Congratulations to the first group in the industry receiving their SICC certification! You are setting the trend for a new level of accountability and education for all to follow,” said Anthony Berticelli, vice president of operations at PSA Security Network. “Your commitment to your clients, your company, the security industry and your own professional development will become the new standard we think everyone will aspire to.”

SIA congratulates the following companies for having team members who have earned the SICC:

  • BCIT
  • BioConnect
  • Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest
  • Integrated Security & Communications
  • RFI
  • Securitronics
  • Tech Systems, Inc.
  • Unlimited Technology

“We are excited to see our members begin to adopt the SICC as a preferred credential,” said Katie Greatti, associate director of certification at SIA. “There is ample opportunity for professional growth in the cybersecurity space, and we are excited to see the potential of this program come to fruition.”

The SICC codifies the body of knowledge that is unique to the convergence of cybersecurity and physical security systems integration and validates the skills required to support technical security installations according to industry best practices.

Interested in earning your SICC? Explore the new SICC info page for more details. Then, join us Wednesday, Sept. 8, for a virtual information session on the SICC, which will highlight what makes the SICC unique compared to other cybersecurity credentials, the benefits of earning your certification and how to earn your SICC. Additionally, download the SICC Handbook here to learn more about eligibility requirements, fees, the exam process, recommended study materials and more.