ISC East Session Preview: See – and Hear – the Potential of Audio Analytics

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ISC East 2021 is coming up Nov. 17-18 in New York City, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) and ISC East recently revealed full conference details for the SIA Education@ISC East program, including keynote presentations from top luminaries and 15+ sessions from over 40 industry expert speakers on the most current business trends, technologies and industry developments.

One session you won’t want to miss this year is See – and Hear – the Potential of Audio Analytics. This session, moderated by James Marcella, director of industry associations at Axis Communications, will dive into the specific use cases of audio for multiple aspects of business and best practices for implementing audio analytics into your current strategy. Panelists Derek van der Vorst, vice president of Sound Intelligence; Ian Pitts, senior vice president and general manager of Intrado Life & Safety; and Matt Holland, regional sales manager – New York Metro at Genetec Inc., will highlight how audio can be used to improve security through aggression detection capabilities that can identify raised voices, glass breaking, gunshots or other elevated sounds and share best practices for using audio analytics for safety and the benefits of mass communications.

We asked some of our panelists to give a sneak peek of this expert-led session

What are some of the key benefits of incorporating audio analytics into your offerings?

Matt Holland: First, unification – the ability to unify multiple types of sensors, including audio analytics. Most of the time, systems are installed and not utilized. Implementing audio analytics adds value to the investment, has a deterrent effect and augments the possibilities for security and safety applications. Second, operational efficiency – the ability to properly respond to real threats and remove the noise.

What are some of the key things attendees will learn at this session?

Derek van der Vorst: You’ll learn how audio analytics can reduce workplace violence and improve internal customer satisfaction of your security team. You’ll also learn about standard operating procedures in case of aggression, gunshot or glass break detection. Additionally, you’ll get insights on how audio analytics, video verification and unified notification can reduce response times and improve situational awareness.

Additional Session Details:

See – and Hear – the Potential of Audio Analytics

Wednesday, Nov. 17
3:00-3:45 p.m. (EST)

In person, we use most of our senses to determine whether a situation is safe or not. Seeing and hearing is a large part of how we know when to react and how to react. So, why wouldn’t we incorporate both into our physical security plans?  Video surveillance has remained a needed and useful tool in keeping people and assets safe. But vision alone can only do so much. Audio analytics offer a more holistic security offering allowing security personnel to both see and hear situations to determine the proper next step. Audio acts as a force multiplier when paired with video surveillance and can take safety, security and business operations to the next level. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to identify areas where implementing audio capabilities could benefit security, safety or operations  
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to security via audio analytics  
  • Participants will be able to implement mass communication best practices for improved safety

View the full session page for more details. You can access the full SIA Education@ISC conference program for only $75 by registering for a SIA Education@ISC 2-Day Pass here. And don’t forget to use SIA’s free registration link to sign up for the ISC East trade show.

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