Featured Member Benefit: Contribute Thought Leadership to SIA

thought leadership

One way to maximize your membership with the Security Industry Association (SIA) is through thought leadership. Position yourself and your company as experts in the security industry by contributing to SIA’s publications and content offerings!

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Contribute a guest post to the SIA blog: SIA’s blog shares the latest perspectives and information on security topics and issues. SIA blog posts are typically shorter-form pieces (600-800 words or so) and may be more timely or news-focused. Interested in writing for SIA’s blog? Contact Kara Klein for more information.
  • Write for SIA Technology Insights: SIA Technology Insights is a journal produced semiannually by SIA that contains articles about developments and trends in security technology written by industry experts and geared toward a security practitioner audience. These articles are typically longer-form than blogs and are more in-depth on technology. Interested in being featured in SIA Technology Insights? Contact Ron Hawkins for more information.
  • Contribute to the SIA Center of Excellence: SIA’s Center of Excellence is an online repository of vendor-neutral, vetted information, including on-demand training courses, e-learning modules, webinars, articles and more. This tool is designed to help organizations and their employees keep at the forefront of ever-changing market demands by fostering knowledge and expertise among employees, contractors and clients. To learn more or become a contributing member, please contact Elli Voorhees.

We look forward to working with you!