SIA New Member Profile: ECAMSECURE

ECAMSECURE command center

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member ECAMSECURE, a GardaWorld company, provides security services including a smart gate platform, a virtual guard platform, mobile surveillance units (MSUs), command center video monitoring and a construction job site management platform. The company is headquartered in Long Beach, California, and serves customers throughout the United States.

SIA spoke with Jordan Lippel, CPP, vice president of sales at ECAMSECURE, about the company’s history and offerings, the security industry and working with SIA.

Tell us the story of your company.

Jordan Lippel headshot
Jordan Lippel, vice president of sales, ECAMSECURE

Jordan Lippel: We were founded nearly 30 years ago as a traditional security guard service and quickly developed a reputation for reliability and customer service. Our CEO and founder, Chris Coffey, built ECAMSECURE with a mission to solve customer pain points by adopting innovative, real-time technologies for rapid security response. ECAMSECURE was the first to develop mobile, trailer-based camera platforms for flexible application in even the most challenging environments. In 2019, the company was acquired by GardaWorld, creating a comprehensive security solution combining physical human resources and state-of-the-art security technology.

What solutions/services does your business offer in the security industry? And what makes your offerings/company unique?

JL: Through our holistic approach to security, we simplify complex security needs. As a part of GardaWorld, our solutions bring together the best in technological advances and human expertise for uncompromising security.

ECAMSECURE has a full suite of portable surveillance systems – including mobile surveillance units that combine artificial intelligence (AI), advanced hardware and mobile security equipment to deter, detect, analyze and respond quickly to security threats. This approach enables us to design technology solutions that fit each unique organizations’ needs, while enhancing efficiencies to reduce risk and cost.

ECAMSECURE command center

What’s something we might not know about your company – or something new you’re doing in security?

JL: Our AI-based technology is constantly evolving, providing faster, verified real-time video surveillance. Remote guarding today is far advanced beyond passive motion detectors and video cameras. Today’s monitoring technology is also much more advanced at recognizing false alarms. False positive rates across the industry occurred 20-30% of the time  just a few years ago. Today, ECAMSECURE’s alarms have an extremely low false positive rate of just 5-10% and strengthen every day through our AI-backed surveillance. When a false positive alarm occurs, such as an animal or wind, remote agents can manage it without having to interrupt on-site security or law enforcement.

What does SIA offer that is most important to you and your company? And what do you most hope to get out of membership?

JL: SIA offers outstanding development and networking opportunities for the security technology industry. It’s an excellent resource to share best practices with our peers. Throughout my career, I’ve made strong, lifelong connections through SIA. With ECAMSECURE as a new SIA member, our entire team is looking forward to doing the same.

ECAMSECURE command center

What is your company’s vision, and what are your goals for the security industry?

JL: As a full-service virtual guarding company, we manufacture MSUs, deploy them throughout the country, service those MSUs and, most importantly, monitor them from our UL-listed, TMA Five Diamond-certified Command Center. This combination of services allows us to greatly enhance security programs, providing a complete perimeter line of protection and reducing or even in some cases eliminating the need for guards on site.

We pride ourselves on cutting through constraints to offer advanced, integrated security technology that fits the needs, costs and reality of our clients. There are endless possibilities for technology and human resources, and we embrace creatively finding solutions to grow and change as our clients do too. 

As new security challenges arise, the future of the industry relies on the ability to evolve quickly. Remote guarding is poised to tackle these new threats that companies and people face.

What do you enjoy most about being at your company – and in the security industry?

JL: When you work at ECAMSECURE, you’re solving real-world problems and you know that the work you do matters. Every person on our team – from production to sales to our officers in the Command Center – solves problems.

We also have a forward-looking approach to security solutions and technology. We are constantly pushing forward to innovate and improve. This motion forward keeps the work exciting and allows not just ECAMSECURE and our clients to grow, but our team members to grow in their own careers as well. 

What are your predictions for the security industry in the short and long term?

JL: Over the past few years, societal and economic conditions have created recruiting and retention challenges impacting all employers and increasing guarding costs. Meanwhile, security threats have increased with rising crime rates. With fewer security guards and smaller crowds in public spaces, there is greater risk of criminal activity and an even greater need for security to protect company assets. Organizations must reimagine how they secure and protect their assets, which has led many to turn to technology. We expect this trend to continue as companies seek proactive threat detection, real-time awareness and intervention.

Physical and remote guarding will continue to work in tandem too. AI-backed remote guarding systems will bolster existing human security by acting as a force multiplier and helping reduce liabilities and concerns when an officer is responding to threats.

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