Want to Grow Your Government Business? Participate in an “Industry Day”

Business networking

Industry Days (and Reverse Industry Days) are a great way for those in the security industry to get a better understanding of how government agencies work and learn about their acquisition plans.

Usually held before a Request for Proposal (RFP) is released or before any major program changes are initiated, Industry Days allow for agencies and industry to have meaningful discussions about capabilities, challenges, priorities, requirements, technologies and future opportunities.

Industry Days give government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation and the General Services Agency the chance to express their goals and their schedule while soliciting feedback about procurement.

Industry (and Reverse Industry Days) can range from a few hours to three days in length and can include the opportunity for industry to sit down with program office personnel in a private one-on-one session to ask questions, give feedback, shape an RFP and share updates on recent industry advancements and developments.

It is vitally important that industry understands how the procurement process works, but it is equally important that government audiences understand how different types and sizes of companies identify, track, price, bid and perform on contracts – Industry Days provide an avenue for communication and forum for government and industry to come together to improve the acquisition lifecycle and streamline how government and industry conduct business together to achieve better outcomes.

Upcoming Industry Days