Four AI-Focused Sessions You Can’t Miss at ISC West

artificial intelligence

ISC West 2023 is coming up March 28-31 in Las Vegas, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) and ISC West recently revealed full conference details for the SIA Education@ISC West program, including keynote presentations from top luminaries and 65+ sessions on the most current business trends, technologies and industry developments.

Among the robust lineup of conference sessions are several dynamic presentations featuring expert insights on artificial intelligence (AI). Here are four sessions you won’t want to miss; make sure to add them to your ISC West calendar!

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From Data Dump to Gold Mine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Generate Actionable Insights From Access Control Data

Tuesday, March 28, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Access control systems generate and store an overwhelming amount of data. Most of this data is never accessed or used by security teams for any particular purpose or benefit. However, opportunities abound for making sense of the data. With AI, security teams can uncover potential insider threats, change employee behavior, identify faulty hardware and more.

“Organizations have so many opportunities to leverage data from access control and other systems when they have the tools they need. Artificial intelligence is a highly effective tool for turning data into action. AI insights help enhance security by uncovering where security teams should focus their efforts. These insights can also provide meaningful contributions to other areas of the business, which in turn raises the profile of physical security within the organization.”

Sam Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Hakimo

In this session, an expert panel will explore how AI can transform data into invaluable insights. The panel includes physical security end users who leverage AI insights and emerging technologies to enhance security and the CEO of an AI company.


  • Sam Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Hakimo
  • James Kendall, director of enterprise engineering,
  • Dustin Rabbach, senior manager, security operations, Ricoh USA

Beyond Video Analytics Jargon: AI/ML Simply Explained

Tuesday, March 28, 2:15-3:15 p.m.

Anyone working with or exploring video analytics in physical security has likely been inundated with products touting artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. With so many offerings, it’s difficult to assess what’s really possible and what all the jargon means. While you may know some of the terms commonly used, other definitions can often vary, resulting in ambiguity and confusion. We’d like to help clear things up.

Using layman’s terminology and numerous examples, this education session provides easy-to-understand explanations of terms such as machine learning (ML), ANN/CNN, deep learning, inference, computer vision and many more. The presentation will explain the new approach to video analytics using ML versus traditional programming and provide practical examples to illustrate what’s really possible and what’s not. The session will also provide guidelines on how to evaluate various claims, with a checklist of questions to consider when evaluating video analytics solutions to ensure you’re getting what you need. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, solid explanation of the machine learning paradigm and how to leverage it, then this session is for you!


  • Amit Kumar, founder and CEO, Dragonfruit AI

Artificial Intelligence and the New Paradigm of Security

Wednesday, March 29, 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

This session will delve into the promise of AI and its modern capabilities in reshaping the future of security as a profit center rather than a cost center. The panelists will also define the roadmap to sourcing, specifying, and deploying of this technology.

“The exponential growth of edge infrastructure combined with modern AI has led to a change in how we approach security. Join us in learning and sharing how this paradigm shift is reshaping our industry. In our session we will specifically delve in the use of modern AI and how it is helping businesses use security infrastructure to create business outcomes to lower costs, drive lean processes and help business optimization while keeping people safe.”

Pierre Bourgeix, CEO and founder, ESI Convergent

Improve your standard/duty of care? Optimize your operations? Validate your data? Improve health and safety? Come listen to some of the industry’s most talented leaders as we discuss how to leverage advanced analytics technology and capture more business value from sensor and video data and, more importantly, how to use this data to drive new business measurable results.


  • Pierre Bourgeix, CEO and founder, ESI Convergent
  • Scott Gross, systems specialist, system and transmission operations, Consolidated Edison
  • Prabhat Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Megh Computing
  • Jim Henry, senior consultant, Butchko Inc.
  • Adi Karisik, partner and business unit leader, Jacobs

The Two Megatrends You Can’t Ignore: AI and Cybersecurity

Thursday, March 30, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

In this SIA Security Megatrends track session, we’ll explore the #1 and #2 trends (cybersecurity and artificial intelligence) that are shaping the industry.

During ISC West, I’m excited to explore the major challenges of cybersecurity for enterprise-level security technology installations and examine how AI is changing the value proposition of security solutions. I’ll dive into hot-button concerns like how AI can be safeguarded to ensure it’s used responsibly. Anyone interested in AI and its use in the security industry will want to stop by.

Dr. Daniel Reichman, CEO and chief scientist, Ai-RGUS

We’ll talk through the challenges of cybersecurity for enterprise-level security technology installations, examine how AI is changing the value proposition of security solutions and dive into concerns like how AI can be safeguarded to ensure it’s used responsibly.

“[In this session] we will delve into the challenges that organizations face when managing physical security devices in a complex ecosystem. We will provide valuable insights into the trends around this problem and the scope of the challenges that organizations face. Attendees will learn about the risks and expenses associated with manual management of physical security devices, as well as the benefits of automating this approach to improve the overall maintenance and security of these devices. This includes improving system availability, ensuring organizational compliance and enhancing cyber protection — all while reducing costs and streamlining future planning.”

Roy Dagan, CEO and co-founder, SecuriThings


  • Roy Dagan, CEO and co-founder, SecuriThings
  • Geoff Kohl, senior director of marketing, SIA
  • Dr. Daniel Reichman, CEO and chief scientist, Ai-RGUS

Learn more about SIA Education@ISC West, view the full session lineup and register for the conference on the ISC West website.