Time Is Running Out to Submit a Proposal for BIRD Foundation Homeland Security Funding

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Dear Security Industry Association (SIA) members,

I would like to inform you of a funding opportunity of up to $1 million for innovative homeland security (HLS) solutions offered through the Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation.

The BIRD Foundation has issued a call for proposals to U.S. and Israeli companies to submit joint proposals for the development of advanced homeland security technologies for first responder. An approved project can receive up to $1 million in grants, covering up to 50% of its budget.

The BIRD HLS program was initiated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Israel Ministry of National Security (IMNS). The program is managed by the BIRD Foundation and focuses on innovative technology solutions to support first responder and homeland security needs shared by both countries. During the program’s first seven years, 12 BIRD HLS projects have been approved for a budget of $24.5 million.

BIRD HLS is aimed at U.S. and Israeli companies that develop innovative technologies, products and solutions that can add value to first responders. Each project should be a collaboration between two companies, one from Israel and one from the United States, or between a company and a university. This year, the program seeks advanced solutions for mission-critical homeland security needs in the following topics:

  • Advanced first responder technologies (such as command and control, video analytics, communication, wearable sensors, standoff detection and identification of hazards and personal protective equipment)
  • Technologies and methods to secure critical infrastructure and public facilities (“soft targets”)
  • Technologies focused on safe and secure cities
  • Border protection (such as biometrics, screening systems and robotics), including maritime security
  • Solutions based on uncrewed aircraft systems

The developed technology and product should lead to commercialization.

The selection of projects is led by representatives from DHS S&T and the IMNS Bureau of the Chief Scientist. As part of this process, the projects are reviewed and presented to the IMNS chief scientist, along with the relevant Israeli first responder agencies, and are reviewed by DHS S&T experts who oversee and promote innovation and partnerships with industry.

BIRD shares the risk and does not require repayment if the project fails to reach sales. It supports projects without receiving any equity or intellectual property rights. Funding is up to 50% of a project’s budget, beginning with research and development and ending with the initial stages of sales and marketing. If the project reaches commercialization, funding is repaid as royalties from sales of commercialized technology products. 

The deadline for executive summaries is April 24, 2023.

A full description of submission requirements can be found on the BIRD Foundation website.

I hope you consider this opportunity. For further information, you can reach out to the BIRD Foundation directly.


Don Erickson


  • Israel: Tal Kelem, director of business development and BIRD HLS lead (tal@birdf.com, +972-3-6988304)
  • United States: Andrea Yonah, director of business development, East Coast and Midwest (andreay@birdf.com, 609-356-0305)