Five Top Sessions on Artificial Intelligence at ISC West 2024

SIA Education @ISC West

ISC West 2024 is coming up April 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) and ISC West recently revealed full conference details for the SIA Education@ISC West program, including keynote presentations from top luminaries and over 100 sessions from top industry expert speakers on the most current business trends, technologies and industry developments.

Among the robust lineup of conference sessions are several dynamic presentations on key topics in artificial intelligence (AI). At ISC West, you’ll discover expert insights on how AI can be deployed to affect greater security outcomes, how AI analytics are evolving, generative AI and security and more. Here are five sessions you won’t want to miss; make sure to add them to your ISC West calendar!

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Discover How Modern AI Is Created and How It Can Be Deployed to Affect Greater Outcomes That Solve a Multitude of Problems

Wednesday, April 10, 10:00-11:00 a.m.

With the flood of marketing promises and excitement surrounding this emerging technology, it is imperative to define the components and processes necessary to make AI work effectively for end users and gain valuable insights and efficiencies in their day-to-day programs. Discussions are needed on how to gather requirements to craft data models, use cases and meaningful reports that satisfy stakeholder needs and truly leverage the power that AI brings to physical security. In this session, a panel of security industry experts and data scientists will share strategies on defining and deploying AI successfully into today’s security environment. They’ll discuss the challenges faced when deciding on software platforms and data model training and how those decisions impact the implementation process and identify the concepts and decisions that need to be made to ensure a successful return on investment.


  • Pierre Bourgeix, CEO and founder, ESI Convergent
  • Lance Holloway, chief technology officer (CTO), ESI Convergent
  • Adi Karisik, global technology leader, operational technology, Jacobs
  • Vlatko Kosturjak, CTO, Diverto

Session Sneak Peek:

“As we move rapidly towards unification of systems due to convergence of IT, OT, PS, we can apply the use of AI, deep learning and ML in ways never thought possible. Our security industry is on the precipice of becoming a part of the new technological revolution and with this becoming key to helping with business resilience and operational excellence. Our session will show not only how this is possible but will clearly give the path to optimizing security technology and AI and its value to the business environment.”

– Pierre Bourgeix

AI Killed the Analytics Star

Thursday, April 11, 10:00-11:00 a.m.

The term artificial intelligence or AI, for short, has been used so frequently in security circles when talking about the capabilities of today’s video surveillance software that it is essentially used interchangeably with video analytics; however, AI is not synonymous with video analytics for myriad reasons, whereas analytics repeatedly apply the same set of rules for detecting certain events, such as an object crossing an invisible line within a video frame, AI technology is able to provide a much greater degree of actual intelligence as it can perform such tasks independently of these pre-defined parameters. AI solutions actually learn from the world around them and apply these learnings as they are used over time. This panel discussion will feature a diverse range of views on AI and video analytics to help attendees differentiate between the two while also providing a roadmap for how AI will shape the future of the industry.


  • Matt Barnette, CEO, PSA Network
  • Bill Bozeman, former president and CEO, PSA Network
  • Joel K. Griffin, director of marketing, Intelligent Security Systems (ISS)
  • Matt Powell, managing director, North America, ISS

Session Sneak Peek:

“With all of the excitement surrounding artificial intelligence and its potential use cases across the security industry, it’s easy to forget that what we refer to as ‘AI’ today is a very different technology from the rules-based analytics of yesteryear. Our session will explain the difference between the two, how AI and its applications will continue to evolve and the questions that people need to be asking when evaluating AI vendors.”

– Matt Powell

Beyond the AI Mega Hype: What Security Leaders Really Want From AI

Thursday, April 11, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

The current applications and future potential use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in the security industry are quickly evolving and expanding. As security leaders, navigating the landscape of AI solutions can be daunting amidst the hype. Join SIA for a dynamic end-user panel focused on demystifying AI in corporate security, which aims to provide clarity by addressing crucial questions about how corporate security leaders are effectively evaluating AI solutions, real-world security challenges ripe for AI innovation, future solutions and more. Panelists will explore the intersection of AI and security, equipping you with actionable strategies to harness the power of artificial intelligence effectively and responsibly.


  • Geoff Kohl, senior director of marketing, SIA; author, Security Megatrends report
  • Gary Lunetta, director, security standards and technology, Salesforce
  • Sal Mani, global corporate security, Ripple; strategic advisor, VOLT AI

Session Sneak Peek:

“You’ve heard about the hype of AI, but ultimately it comes down to the security leaders and how they’re approaching its use. In this expert panel session, we’ve brought together security practitioners from cutting-edge tech firms to dive into how they’re looking to use AI and how their companies view its application.”

– Geoff Kohl

What Every Security Leader Should Know About Generative AI (ChatGPT and the Like)

Thursday, April 11, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Welcome to the thrilling world of generative AI! Get ready to buckle up as we embark on an adventure along with ChatGPT and its amazing family of chatbots. CEOs, security leaders, security integrators and their teams, prepare to have your minds blown! In this session, we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of this cutting-edge technology, ensuring that security leaders are equipped with a clear understanding of its business and security value to your organization. Attendees will enjoy a show-stopping reveal of the secrets behind generative AI and witness how it can revolutionize security operations while also unmasking the lurking dangers that might be hiding in the shadows.


  • Vik Ghai, co-founder, Vector Flow
  • Matt Lethbridge, manager, security technology, Atrium Health
  • Daniel Tsybulsky, associate director of corporate security, Gilead Sciences

Convergence of AI, Optical Fiber Sensing, Video Analytics and Biometrics in Modern Physical Security Systems

Thursday, April 11, 2:15-3:15 p.m.

Modern physical security systems now comprise multiple cutting-edge hardware and software technologies, e.g., AI, optical fiber sensing, video analytics, and biometrics; however, many questions still persist for new and seasoned security professionals. This session will explore whether cutting-edge technologies improve value propositions. What is the difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning, and what can ChatGPT-like things do for me? Does each technology work “out of the box,” or is required installation, compute resources, customization, and expertise prohibitive?


  • Giovanni Milione, Ph.D., senior researcher, business incubation lead, optical networking and sensing, NEC Laboratories America

Session Sneak Peek:

“In an ocean of buzzwords, physical security practitioners have two simple questions: What is AI? What can AI do for me? At ISC West, I will answer those questions through an easy-to-understand overview of AI fundamentals, including the fit of things like generative AI, large language models and artificial neural networks in modern physical security systems. In addition, I will describe how the combination of AI with modern sensors is redefining physical security value propositions. For example, optical fiber sensing can provide close to 100% probability of detection, 0 nuisance alarm rate and 10X reduction in cost, which is a game-changer for use cases, such as perimeter intrusion detection. Also, AI-based video analytics has evolved beyond just drawing boxes around objects – actions can now be recognized.”

– Giovanni Milione

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