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Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM)

What is the CSPM®?

CSPM stands for Certified Security Project Manager, and this highly-respected credential can move your career forward and propel your business. CSPM® is the ONLY credential that addresses the unique demands of a Security Project Manager. More than a general project management certification, the CSPM demonstrates that holders of this credential can manage complex, technical security projects.


Upcoming CSPM Exam Dates

Earn the certification you deserve at one of these upcoming dates:

  • December 5, 2017 -- Silver Spring, MD (at SIA offices)
  • March 14, 2018 -- Denver, Colorado (at PSA-TEC)
    •  SPM class offered March 12-14 in a​dvance of exam
  • April 11, 2018 -- Las Vegas, Nevada (at ISC West)
    •  SPM class offered April 9-11 in advance of exam
  • August 8, 2018 -- Silver Spring, Maryland (at SIA offices)
    • ​ SPM class offered August 6-8 in advance of exam
  • Sept. 14, 2018 -- Chicago, Illinois (at Axis offices)
    •  SPM class offered September 12-14 in advance of exam

Register for Your CSPM Exam

​*CSPMs exams can be taken at approved testing centers in your location at your convenience. To sign up for an in-person CSPM exam listed on our calendar, please complete an application​ and contact Kimberly Roberts, at 301-804-4708​​​​ or kroberts​ .​

The Value of CSPM

Value for Individuals: The CSPM credential is rapidly becoming a necessity for professionals managing security projects, and credentialholders have greater opportunities for career advancement than their non-certified peers.


CSPM for Individuals
Perspective: Eric Hull, CSPM

To demonstrate their security project management knowledge and skills, advance their careers, and maximize their earning potential, security project managers and others benefit from CSPM certification.

Who It's for:

  • Security project managers

  • Systems applications specialists

  • System engineers

  • Security consultants

  • Lead technicians

In addition to improved credibility with employers, colleagues, and other professionals, CSPM s enjoy enhanced confidence in practice and a sense of
personal accomplishment. Through participation in certification and recertification CSPM credential holders demonstrate their mastery of security industry concepts and their commitment to quality.


Value for Employers: What sets the CSPM certification apart from other project management certifications is its focus on security industry-specific knowledge. More than one-fourth of the CSPM exam is


CSPM for Employers
Perspective: Eric Yunag,
President, Dakota Security

dedicated exclusively to the security industry. When hiring a CSPM, you can be confident that you’re hiring a professional who will manage the particulars and complexities of security projects well.

In increasing numbers, employers of security project managers prefer and/or require the CSPM. They use the competency- and experience-based CSPM credential to inform hiring, deployment, and promotional decisions. Many specifiers now include CSPM requirements in their clients' RFPs.

Getting Certified

To earn the CSPM credential you must complete the following steps.   

CSPM Certification

1. ​Meet Eligibility Requirements

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2. Apply to Take Exam

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3. Study for the Exam

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4. Schedule the Exam

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5. Take and Pass the Exam

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Additional information is provided in the CSPM® Candidate Information Brochure & Study Guide

SIA has employed a professional testing company, ITPG, to assist in the performance of various examination development and administration functions. ITPG and its testing center network partner, Kryterion, are companies whose names you will see referenced in this document and as you make your appointment and sit for the examination.

Email is the primary mode of communication between SIA and certification candidates.

CSPM® Certification Process


Maintaining the CSPM® Credential

After becoming certified, a CSPM® must pay annual certification maintenance fees and recertify every three years. In addition, CSPM®s are required to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics (see below). Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of the credential.

Keeping your contact information current is a condition of certification. Email is the primary mode of communication between SIA and CSPM® credential holders. Name and contact information changes must be done within your candidate record. Failure to update contact information may result in delays in receiving critical certification-related information.

1. Certification Maintenance Fees

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2. Recertification

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3. Code of Professional Ethics

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Inquiries regarding CSPM certification may be directed to:

Kimberly Roberts

Director of Education and Training
Security Industry Association