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Your Physical Security Business Report

SIA Member Benefit: A Special Offer on Security Market Data and Analysis 

​​​​Acquiring high-quality research without busting the budget can be a challenge in the security industry. That is why the Security Industry Association (SIA) is excited to partner with one of the industry's leading business intelligence firms to offer members insights on the global security market at a special price. 

"The Physical Security Business: 2015 to 2020," which was published by Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd. at the end of 2015, provides this year's first look at the video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection segments, along with projections of what those markets will do during the next several years. The report also analyzes emerging technology drivers, mergers and acquisitions, and the investment market, alliances and redefinition of business models. 

"This report shows that the industry is expected to enter a period of stable growth for the next five years, across most of the developed and developing regions of the world," the preface to the report says. "The economic tsunamis that have prevailed over the past seven years may not be over, but the industry has become a stronger, more resilient and profitable robust business, which is just as well because we are about to be hit by the full force of some very disruptive technologies that will change the supply structure and competitive landscape.

"The main driver for this is the Internet of Things and whilst its impact has yet to be felt, it's energy and momentum is now building up," the report added.

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The report is now available to SIA Members for only $899. To request an overview of the Memoori Report, please fill out the form below.  ​

To obtain the report, contact Alain Taylor at 301-804-4713 or or Marc Benson at 301-804-4710 or​​​