Security Industry Events Calendar


The SIA security industry events calendar is a guide to SIA official events and major industry events, as well as events where SIA has a presence or a partnership.

PASS Summer Camp Webinar Series, Part 1: Leadership, Achieving Clarity in Your Comprehensive School Safety Plan


Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) trainings include a “bubble slide” which has become known as one of the more captivating images to illustrate all the necessary parties involved in school safety and security planning and preparation. This session (Part 1 of the PASS Summer Camp webinar series) will help team leaders (regardless of where they…

PASS Summer Camp Webinar Series, Part 2: Surveillance, the Future of Cameras in Classrooms


Covering one of the more controversial topics in school safety and security, this session explores uses of cameras for activation of an alarm, or escalation of an audio analytics reporting solution. How pixelation under normal conditions protects privacy, and how event-based activation provides safety. In this webinar (Part 2 of the PASS Summer Camp series),…

PASS Summer Camp Webinar Series, Part 3: Demystifying Communications Technology


With the fast-paced advancement of Integrated communications solutions — mobile apps, two-way radios, cell phones, BDA, DAS, ECS, intercom, and mass messaging solutions — it’s difficult to keep it all straight. This session breaks through the confusion by focusing on a seamless communications approach with emergency centers and law enforcement, first responders and school administration.…