SIA’s Comprehensive Salary and Benefits Study for Security Industry

SIA Wage and Benefits Benchmarking Study helps companies access the data they will need to attract and retain talent


Competing for talent, in one of the tightest job markets in years, is no easy task.  Now more than ever, it’s important for integrators and manufacturers to have the most current and accurate information available to attract, develop and retain prospective colleagues. By completing the SIA Wage & Benefits Benchmarking Survey, Convergint saved tens of thousands of dollars and gained a competitive edge by better understanding the current state of compensation and benefits within the systems integration industry. We would highly encourage other SIA members to participate in this important survey and gain their own competitive advantage.”

— Tony Varco, Vice President for Electronic Security, Convergint

“Thank you, SIA, for sponsoring the creation and roll-out of this Wage & Benefits Benchmarking Study.  It can be a challenge to get industry-specific compensation and benefits information, so I am really looking forward to the results.  We pay dearly to participate in other salary surveys, so I appreciate that this is a free benefit offered to SIA members.  I am confident the information will be very valuable to us as we continue to create competitive offer packages in a candidate-driven market. The survey was straightforward to complete, and the information that we will gain was worth the few hours it took to complete it.”

— Elaine Palome, director of human resources, Axis Communications

“Integrators: Participation in the SIA Wage & Benefits Benchmarking Study offers you an unprecedented opportunity, one which will provide critical data needed now more than ever!  Since joining the industry in 2001, I have witnessed a steady increase in the demand for talent.  Today, this growing demand has resulted in the tightest candidate market ever. As a recruiter and firm with a total focus on partnering with systems integrators to identify and recruit the best for all levels of positions, the ongoing conversation now centers around how companies can be competitive and stand out as a top-level employer.  Compensation and benefits must be competitive if you are going to recruit, hire, and – most importantly – retain the best for your team!  The information you will receive as a contributor to this study will be priceless.  You joined SIA for the benefits ... take advantage of this!”

— Rebecca Bayne, Bayne Consulting and Search

"There are other surveys but none that have the breadth and depth this one has, as it was created by top security company HR executives who understand the value of information. They knew that in today’s battle for talent, knowing what the right mix of pay and benefits is could help them and other SIA members gain a competitive advantage when attracting and keeping top talent."

— Sandy Jones, Sandra Jones and Company

SIA is excited to announce the launch of the SIA Wage & Benefits Benchmarking Study, which will provide detailed salary and benefits data for key jobs in the security industry and enable decision makers to better assess the health of their businesses and compare their companies against industry peers across the country. This study is the first of its kind in the security industry, as it focuses on security manufacturers and integrators.

To make the study as beneficial as possible, your participation is critical to its success, and we ask that you please participate. The top-level results of this survey will be provided to all SIA members as an exclusive benefit. Survey respondents will receive the detailed findings.

Value to Your Company — $10,000 to $100,000!

SIA members who respond will receive detailed findings. The value of this survey is enormous: Salary surveys like this typically cost individual companies from $10,000 to over $100,000 -- and you will receive the detailed results free if you participate.

Who It’s For

In our first year, this security industry salary study is designed for two primary audiences:

  • Manufacturers and Product/Solution Developers: For any company that is creating products or solutions in the industry, including those solutions delivered as software or as hosted or cloud-based services. This category also includes companies that are importing and selling products.
  • Integrators/Dealers/Security Installing Firms: For any company designing and installing electronic security systems in the industry, including both commercial and residential systems.

Why This Salary Study Matters to Your Company

Survey, wage and benefits benchmarking data is important to your firm, especially in this era of extremely low unemployment and because many firms say they’re challenged to recruit the workers they need to grow even more quickly. The results will be of particular value for senior management and human resources professionals in the security industry. The SIA Wage & Benefits Benchmarking Study:

  • Ensures you have comparison salary data you need to attract and retain employees
  • Provides benchmarks not just on wages, but on benefits provided to employees
  • Helps provide salary benchmarking data that SIA can use to help market our industry to the next generation of talent

Entirely Confidential: Not Even SIA Sees Your Raw Data

SIA has contracted Vault Consulting, LLC, a third-party consulting firm, to securely collect and manage information for this study. Vault has years of experience conducting survey research for associations. To ensure that your company’s data remains confidential, individual company submissions will be encrypted and secured behind robust firewalls and will only be accessible to select Vault project staff. Vault will not share, query, or publish individual survey data with any other entity, including SIA staff. Your company's information will be published in the report only as part of the aggregated report data.

Who at Your Firm Should Complete This Survey

Due to the level of compensation knowledge required, this survey is primarily designed to be completed by senior executives or by HR leaders. SIA has initially identified a point of contact from your company’s roster who will receive the survey. In some cases, we recognize this may not be the individual with access to the information needed to successfully complete the survey.

If you feel that you should be the survey recipient (or know who should be), or if you receive the survey but a different individual at your organization should be responsible for completing the survey, please advise SIA Membership Services Manager John Coleman at John can also answer questions regarding the information being asked for in the survey and the use of this information.

How to Take the Survey

To take the survey, first contact John Coleman on SIA's membership services team by email,

John or another SIA staff member will then coordinate with you and/or the designated person(s) at your company to provide detailed instructions for the survey. Completing the survey involves placing data in the survey's Excel file and then uploading or sending the file securely to the Vault Consulting.

Each individual who submits a completed survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of five $250 Amazon gift cards.

If you experience any technical difficulties while using the survey website, please contact Vault Consulting’s Russell St.Onge at (703) 654-1480 or via email at

We sincerely appreciate your help in making this newest SIA member benefit a success.