Artificial Intelligence in Physical Security

artificial intelligence in physical security resource

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the body of science, algorithms and machines able to perform some version of learning and independent problem solving, based on advanced software and hardware components. The speed of development of AI has aided its adoption in several industries, and the physical security market is increasingly looking to adopt AI applications, particularly in the case of deep learning algorithms in the video surveillance market. AI is currently implemented on devices, in the cloud or in a hybrid combination of both approaches, each coming with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s likely that the physical security industry will develop a variety of deployment technologies, with dedicated servers deployed first followed by cloud and potentially on-camera analytics if the processing power requirements can be met. AI in Physical Security, a white paper produced for the Security Industry Association in partnership with IHS Markit, aims to provide an introduction to AI and how it could be applied to the physical security market. It discusses examples of real deployments and potential opportunities to highlight how the industry will evolve as AI becomes a more prominent technology.

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