ASIS-SIA Security Industry Career Pathways Guide for Practitioners and Suppliers


ASIS International (ASIS), the world’s largest association for security management professionals, and the Security Industry Association (SIA), the leading trade association representing global security solution providers, are excited to announce the launch of a new career guide that provides an insightful and detailed look into what a career in the security profession looks like in today’s market.

Working with leading employers and top talent across the global security industry, ASIS and SIA developed the Security Management and Industry Career Pathways Guide through a comprehensive and collaborative research effort. The project profiled different positions and captured the wide array of knowledge requirements within practitioner and supplier professions. It is designed to empower students and security professionals at all levels with insight into professional growth opportunities. The guide also provides a clear understanding of the necessary skills for success that allow individuals — and their teams — to achieve the highest potential and impact.

“The guide serves as a roadmap for professionals throughout the industry, across a wide range of professional levels,” said Richard E. Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP, 2018 President, ASIS International. “By building off their unique backgrounds and specific career goals, it showcases the realm of possibilities that come with a career in security.”

The guide showcases the resources, knowledge and tools that individuals in this profession and industry need to make decisions about their future, including taking on new challenges and responsibilities. There is a mapped-out path for security professionals at all career stages — from students or young professionals just starting out, to well-seasoned executives who set strategy and vision, to educators who want to influence the next generation of leaders.

In addition to the guide, the associations produced an infographic that shows the skillsets and growth paths in an easy-to-understand graphics. This infographic is available to download here.

“The number one issue facing many SIA members and the industry is overcoming the challenge of finding qualified talent for their businesses,” said Don Erickson, CEO, Security Industry Association. “We know that the security industry protects lives and property through ingenuity and innovation—a compelling mission that can propel any individual to a rewarding career. SIA is working in different ways to help our members find solutions to addressing the security skills gap in different ways including through collaboration with ASIS International. The jointly developed career pathways guidance and report should help to promote the industry to colleges students and recent graduates, as well as to individuals seeking incredible growth opportunities. Through this resource, prospective employees will become more aware of the skills and education needed to succeed in one of the fastest growing technology industries in the world.”