Assessing the Risk of Violence in Today’s Workplace Environment: A SIA Education@ISC West Session

A violent incident within your organization can be devastating to employees, clients and business operations. Assessing the risk of violence and implementing preventive strategies make up an effective process in the reduction of violent incidents. Traditional methods for violence reduction are not always effective and do not help employees to be engaged in the process. In this SIA Education@ISC session from ISC West 2019, Ben Scaglione, senior consultant at DVS Security Solutions, and David LaRose, system director of public safety at Lee Health, share a more strategic and focused approach.

Video: Session Preview

Watch this course to:

  • Learn how to take a more strategic and focused approach to workplace violence prevention and response
  • Learn how these tactics can identify high-risk areas and create engaging programs that not only reduce the potential for workplace violence but also engage employees to be more proactive and responsive to potential threats and incidents

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Review the current state of violence within today’s workplace environment
  2. Assess the risk toward violence within specific areas of your workplace
  3. Determine methods to reduce the potential for violence through strategic planning and unit-specific assessments and training