Challenges and Recommendations for Connected Physical Security Products

Challenges & Recommendations for Connected Physical Security Products

Physical security products have transformed into always-connected devices. Products capture and stream critical data to management systems for action and analysis. Devices are configured to work collaboratively with peer devices to execute complex workflows. Businesses and consumers are relying increasingly on the ability to access and manage physical security products from remote locations. This trend towards connectivity and collaboration will only continue to increase. This report discusses the threats – both old and new – faced by today’s connected physical security products. We first discuss the composition of an Internet of Things (IoT)-based physical security solution focusing on components at the edge and in the cloud. We then examine today’s threat environment by exploring real-world issues and common attack types and methods. We close with a set of prioritized recommendations to design and deploy a secure physical security solution and provide a road map for adopting a secure development life cycle in your organization. Readers are invited to join the SIA Standards Cloud, Mobility and IoT Subcommittee to learn more and help influence SIA’s future standards activities. This working group, as with all SIA standards groups, is an open forum in which anyone may participate at no cost. Please contact for more information.

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