Early Identification of Insider Risk: A SIA Education@ISC West Session

insider threats

Insider risk represents an emerging focus for many companies, who have traditionally invested in physical security and cybersecurity solutions to protect against external threats to the organization.

In this SIA Education@ISC session from ISC West 2019, ClearForce CEO Tom Miller explores the scope, significance and challenge of insider risk and creates a framework for considering and developing strategies and solutions to effectively manage this risk. This session highlights opportunities for earlier identification that can enable preemptive action to solve problems before they escalate.

Video: Session Preview

Watch this course to:

  • Review a spectrum of considerations for developing and executing policy
  • Gain insights on applicable practices across the many industries that face insider risk
  • Draw upon current industry statistics, practical examples and industry-leading analysis

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Define the scope and significance of insider threat
  2. Review the underlying factors that drive and create insider threats
  3. Develop a working plan for strategy and policy development to mitigate insider risk