Enhancing Security & Reducing Expenses With Robotics report cover

Robots are already well integrated into the physical security ecosystem, and the devices emerging today are the next stage in an evolutionary process that is steadily expanding robots’ abilities. As robots become “smarter” and more capable, they are able to take on more roles, reducing (but not replacing) the need for human personnel. Additionally, robots can serve as force multipliers for a leaner, more cost-effective and operationally effective security team.

Security robots can help deter bad actors and effectively perform monotonous or dangerous tasks, and their abilities extend beyond security, making them multi-functional, autonomous remote services platforms. This report, created by SIA’s Drones and Robotics Working Group, highlights how robots can enhance security, potential use cases for robotics, the role robots play in pandemic recovery and preparation, how to prepare sites and teams for robotics deployment and key factors to consider when adding robotics to a security system.