Market Spotlight: Procurement of Robots, Drones and Other Next-Generation Security Technology

IDC Market Spotlight Whitepaper on Procurement of Drones and Robotics

The security industry has traditionally relied upon manual efforts to deliver expected outcomes, and the reliance on manual operations will continue. However, over the past several years, we have seen an evolution in terms of technologies that have the potential to transform security services and improve and augment the capabilities of human security officers. Such technologies include ground-based robotics and aerial drones as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and other features that guide them. In this research report produced by respected firm IDC exclusively for SIA member access (login below to download this report), you'll learn about:

  • Four Keys to Evolving the Security Technology Procurement Process
  • Operational Environment Considerations When Procuring Robots and/or Drones
  • Key Considerations When Evaluating Security Robotics and Engaging in Vendor Selection
  • Benefits of Deploying Next-Gen Technologies in Security Operations

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