On the Edge of Transformation: Securing a Connected Future with IoT

SIA Education@ISC West Course

SIA Education@ISC West 2020 Course Description:

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are changing the way we work, live and operate—across industrial, commercial, and consumer settings, and beyond.  The IoT space is growing fast: market intelligence firms, like IDC, estimate that by 2025, the world will have over 41 billion connected devices generating almost 80 zettabytes of data—if not higher.  With the proliferation and increasing relevance of IoT devices and solutions—how can you safeguard your customers, devices, and organizations?  In a rapidly evolving marketplace underscored by the convergence of our digital and physical worlds, building the foundation of your IoT ecosystem around security is more critical than ever.  Join this session to learn how AWS IoT enables organizations to protect that ecosystem today—in order to secure the connected world of tomorrow.

Presenter: Michael MacKenzie, GM, IoT Connectivity & Control Services, AWS IoT