RMR Microlearning Series

Mini-Webinars on Key Strategies, myths and Vertical Markets Related to Recurring Monthly Revenue and transitioning to a RMR Model

Managed services (SaaS) and recurring monthly revenue (RMR) business models are growing in popularity as technology rapidly evolves requiring ongoing maintenance and on-demand customer service. Companies considering or initiating the transition to an RMR or subscription-based business model are faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities.

To assist security dealers and systems integrators in leveraging RMR to increase company value, the Security Industry Association (SIA) has developed a five-part RMR business model training program as part of its Microlearning Series of educational modules.

Video Topics:

  • Key Strategies in Finance to Build RMR & Change Management
  • 10 Myths to the RMR Business Model
  • Transitioning to a RMR Business Model
  • Vertical Markets
  • SIA RMR Roundtable

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