Security Cornerstones Learning Series

Security Cornerstones Learning Series


SIA’s Security Cornerstones Learning Series provides a fundamental overview of the business practices and technologies used within today’s physical security industry.  Designed primarily for novice security professionals, it also promotes a greater understanding of technical concepts for career veterans with a focus on elements of the industry they may not interact with directly or regularly.

The series includes e-learning modules which drive a go-at-your-own-pace understanding of the technology-based approaches that enhance physical security. Familiarity with the language of security industry technology is helpful but not required, as much of the basics will be covered.

About Security Cornerstones:

  • Approximately 10-20 minutes per module
  • On-demand education covering security and technology basics
  • Designed to help you learn the security industry
  • Free for SIA members, including academic members, or $29/module for non-member access
  • Content developed and vetted by SIA, security practitioners and veteran security industry experts


Module One: The Security Ecosystem

Security Cornerstones - Security Ecosystem Learning ModuleThe first module is The Security Ecosystem. This module offers a comprehensive exploration of how the industry works, which segment of the industry provides what services and the various stakeholders that are involved in a successful security deployment.

Module Two: Access Control

Module TwoThe second module is Access Control. Physical access control Is the practice of granting and restricting access to different areas using various forms of locks and barriers. This module will introduce participants to key concepts in physical access control.

Module Three: Video Security

Video SecurityThis Video Security module is a self-paced e-learning course providing education on the differences between digital, analog and IP devices, including signal components and connections. This module also covers the advantages and disadvantages of different camera types. Viewers of this approximately 20-minute interactive course will learn the core components of common video surveillance devices and the use of basic video analytic features.


Module Four: Intrusion, Alarms and Monitoring

Topics to be covered in this module:

  • How Does Home and Small Business Security Monitoring Work?
  • What Is a Central Station?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Central stations, Law Enforcement, Service Providers and Consumers?

Module Five: Security & Convergence

Topics to be covered in this module:

  • How Does Physical Security Fit Within the Internet of Things?
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security as a Business Tool
  • Forging Relationships Between Security and IT