Security Megatrends: The 2020 Vision for the Security Industry

Security Megatrends 2020 report - security industry trends report

Leveraging insights from independent research and key presentations at the Securing New Ground conference, Security Megatrends™, an annual publication of the Security Industry Association (SIA), analyzes and forecasts the major trends affecting security industry businesses. The 2020 edition of this report captures a vision of the industry’s future and distills key trends that will impact your organization in the coming year.

Each year, the Security Megatrends publication forecasts 10 essential trends reshaping the industry and provides research and executive perspectives of those trends.

When the Security Megatrends report was first produced (the 2017 edition), the focus on trends within the industry was heavily driven by tech advances and the proliferation of Internet of Things devices. Today, those technology trends are still in play, but what is evidenced in the 2020 Security Megatrends report is a much keener interest in privacy rights, how we protect our customers’ data and how we navigate ethical, political and regulatory concerns.

In short, Security Megatrends is no longer a pure business and technology trends report, but a report that balances those trends with the concerns of consumers and the general public.

SIA’s Megatrends report is developed for employees of SIA member companies and Securing New Ground attendees; non-members can access the 2020 report in the SIA online store for $125.

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