SIA Practitioner Insights: Health Care Sector Report

SIA Practitioner Insights health care sector report

The Security Industry Association (SIA) convened a focus group of hospital security practitioners to learn more about their security technology needs. This paper summarizes their comments in the interest of sharing with SIA members key acquisition trends within the health care vertical market. In this special report, get end user perspectives from the health care sector on security technologies, plus analysis of current and emerging risks. Topics discussed include end user assessments of:

  • Access control solutions
  • Video and audio security solutions and analytics
  • Integration challenges with video management systems, visitor management systems, access control systems and other technologies
  • The threats and concerns that worry health care security practitioners the most, including infant protection, active shooter events, workplace violence and cybersecurity threats
  • How security technologies are leveraged for non-security purposes in hospitals
  • How hospital security has changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
Additionally, learn how security directors and other practitioners in the health care sector are leveraging security technologies and what they are looking for from integrators.  

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