SIA Technology Insights – Fall 2016

SIA Technology Insights journal Fall 2017

Drones. Augmented reality. Event-driven intelligence. This is not your father’s security industry. Really, it’s not even your older brother’s. The pace of technological change in physical security seems only to increase, so much so that the very definition of the security industry is changing. A sector that includes
the technologies listed above – each of which is addressed in this issue – and that overlaps more and more with cybersecurity is not the same as the one we knew not too many years ago. The ends remain the same – managing risk and deterring, detecting and defeating intruders – but the rapidly evolving means are altering the ways that we think about achieving those goals.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, think back to how differently a security system looked at the start of your career, as you read these articles. And, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, try imagining what security solutions will grow out of the technologies described in these pages during the next few years. The possibilities are both exciting and important, as the role of security is no longer just crime prevention, but anti-terrorism and business continuity, as well.

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