Workplace Violence Prevention & Response: A SIA Education@ISC West Session

In this SIA Education@ISC session from ISC West 2019, Hector Alvarez, president of Alvarez Associates LLC, will share workplace violence prevention and response guidance geared toward both security, safety and risk managers and HR staff who are new to threat management and workplace violence and experienced professionals who would benefit from reviewing the foundational steps.

Video: Session Preview

Watch this course to:

  • Get real-world examples of workplace violence prevention and response programs, including those with both negative and positive outcomes
  • Gain insights to develop specific policies and procedures to mitigate threats and institute standards for workplace violence behavior

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Understand sources of workplace violence
  2. Recognize the warning signs of individuals on the pathway toward violence
  3. Identify a range of intervention and response options to address threatening and concerning behavior