RISE Committee Volunteer Application

Interested in serving on the RISE Committee and/or one of our subcommittees? These are the groups of volunteers who work together to define the RISE community’s initiatives and develop programs and resources that benefit young professionals in the security industry – or anyone who is new to the security industry! Complete the simple application below to express your interest, and we’ll follow up with you.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Questions

  • Please choose one of the following questions to answer:

    1. What does it mean for you to have a commitment to inclusion? How have you demonstrated that commitment, and how would you see yourself demonstrating it with the RISE committee?
    2. Describe how your career has been enhanced by exposure to diverse people, places or experiences. Please provide a specific example.
    3. Tell us about a time when you created an environment of honesty, inclusion and respect for others. Describe the situation, the actions you took and the outcome.
    4. How would you describe your current thinking about inclusion and diversity, and how has your thinking changed over time?

Subcommittee Mission and Vision Statements

Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee

Mission statement: Empower and enable new and young security industry professionals to grow personally and professionally. To be a catalyst within the global security industry to create a culture of inclusion, building a network of people, programs and tools that value difference and is designed to empower new and young security industry professionals to manage and grow in their career.

Vision statement: Assist the industry with embracing diversity and help to transform the industry into a more inclusive environment and workplace that values, respects and celebrates all members.

Content and education Sub-committee

Mission statement: In order to promote events, education, and opportunities for young professionals in the security industry, the SIA Rise Content and Education Sub-Committee will strive to provide quality training opportunities and informational content to enhance the knowledge of young professionals and better ready them for business leadership and personal success.

Vision statement: To make SIA Rise the premier choice for young professionals to learn new skills, hone their strengths, reinforce their weaknesses, and grow their network to enhance their lives while preparing them for leadership.

Scholarship Sub-committee

Mission: To further develop professional & personal growth within the security industry, by providing young professionals with scholarship funding for educational opportunities to be used for educational advancement: MBA Programs, professional training, SIA Program offerings, & security industry certifications. Be involved with all the behind-the-scenes work, including creating & reviewing the application(s), promotion of scholarship to applicants, & supporting winners after they have been chosen.

Vision: To assist and fund young professionals in maximizing both the short- & long-term development of their careers, by providing advancement opportunities for prolonged success in the security industry.