SIA Webinars

December 17, 2019


Growing a business requires staffing, operational and sales adjustments, especially when that growth includes increasing recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

This webinar will discuss ways to overcome the challenges of transitioning from a transactional to a subscription-based business model in the physical security industry. The keys are finding the right partners and mapping goals to operational improvements.

During the webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Move from a transactional to a subscription-based business model
  • Build RMR to fuel company growth
  • Adjust company operations to support an RMR business
  • Create effective strategies to build long-term business relationships and capture new customers


  • Louis Boulgarides, President and CEO, Ollivier Corporation
  • Charles Denney, Director of Managed Services, Ollivier Corporation
  • Troy Riedel, Regional Sales Director, Brivo

While all are welcome to attend, this webinar will likely be most valuable to integrators.

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