Webinar: How Can Technology Help to Defeat Insider Threats?

SIA Webinars

July 23, 2019

Insider threat programs started with counter-espionage cases in the government and defense communities, but they have now become common practice in all industries.

Disgruntled, greedy or compromised employees, vendors or other insiders can cause extensive damage, ranging from emotional or physical injury to personnel to financial and reputational loss to data loss/manipulation to destruction of assets.

The purpose of an insider threat program is to mitigate, detect and investigate potential threats. This webinar will examine the most common components of successful programs, including:

  • Comprehensive security training – Create a “see something-say something” culture
  • Technology – Detection, analytics, case management
  • Investigations – Internal or external skilled investigators to collect evidence, interview suspects and work with law enforcement

The presenters will be:

Dan Bissmeyer, business development manager, AMAG Technology

While all are welcome to attend, this webinar will be most valuable to integrators, consultants and practitioners.

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