How to Manage a Cybersecurity Crisis

How to Manage a Cybersecurity Crisis

June 23, 2021


It may seem counterintuitive, but cyber crisis response and management should not be an entirely reactionary process. While many organizations think first of the tactical response and technology activities that they must execute during a cybersecurity crisis, there are many activities that can be planned and put into place in advance of a crisis to protect the enterprise beyond the network. Having a plan in place for activities such as customer notification, crisis communications, brand protection and employee protection can be done and practiced in advance. During this hourlong webinar presented by the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board, security leaders that attend will:

  • Learn the most important activities an organization can do to prepare for a cyber crisis
  • Explore ways an organization can respond effectively to a crisis to contain damage and recover quickly
  • Hear and learn from real-life examples and lessons learned from incidents that either escalated to crises or were contained to minor incidents
  • Discover how crises can sometimes become opportunities for an organization’s brand

Rachelle Loyear, vice president of innovation and product management, G4S USA

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