July 30, 2020


Human trafficking is an issue that crosses domestic and international borders, socioeconomic class, industries, race and gender. This series will shed light on misconceptions about human trafficking, ways to recognize and respond to it through community outreach, private and public sector efforts, and policymaking.

Human trafficking is a growing issue in the United States. Yet, it can be challenging for communities to recognize and address. This webinar will provide insights on human trafficking in the US today and raise awareness on how to identify potential situations and keep your family and community safe.


  • Key identifiers for human trafficking situations
  • General safety tips
  • Online safety
  • The US’s effort in anti-trafficking

Discussion Leaders: 

  • California state Sen. Brian Jones
  • Don Erickson, CEO, Security Industry Association
  • Min Kyriannis, co-president, Women in International Security-NY
  • Adam Laxalt, Nevada attorney general (2015-2019), partner, Cooper & Kirk
  • Stephanie Myers, IT strategist, political advisor, co-host Your Voice America, Saved in America Advisory Board member
  • Maureen Toal, Saved in America Advisory Board member
  • Martine Warda, president, Pur 7 Marketing, Women in International Security-NY

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