SIA Webinars

March 3, 2020


The traditional approach to organizing security operations by department is no longer effective. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and attackers continue to exploit the gaps that exist between cyber, physical and operational security. These blended threats are impossible to detect unless viewed across departmental silos.

This webinar will show how converged solutions are being deployed to enhance security for both corporate and critical infrastructure and will provide details on a real-life convergence success story. In addition, it will offer techniques that can enable organizations to reduce risk and costs by streamlining overlapping security functions to deliver solid return on investment.

Viewers will learn how to:

  • Identify blended threats that usually cannot be detected unless an analysis is done across cyber, physical and operational security domain
  • Implement a holistic approach to managing physical and logical identities for employees, contractors, vendors and visitors to reduce enterprise risk
  • Deploy security convergence in a way that delivers active policy enforcement


  • Jasvir Gill, CEO, AlertEnterprise

This webinar will probably be most valuable for integrators, consultants and practitioners.


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