Risk + Exposure: Part 1: The Growing Role of Data Protection in the Security Industry

Risk + Exposure Webinar Part 1

November 5, 2020


This half-day online conference will examine how regulatory and market demands for data privacy are affecting the physical security technology industry. Sessions will address, among other topics:

  • Compliance requirements in the U.S. and around the world
  • Best practices for handling sensitive information
  • Data privacy as a brand enhancer and market differentiator
  • The unique privacy challenges for integrators and others in the security industry


Data Privacy 101

A high-level look at the importance of data privacy – and the compliance challenges – in the security industry.

Legislation and Regulations

A review of major data privacy legislation and regulations and a discussion of the potential for a federal law.

Roles and Responsibilities

An examination of roles and responsibilities in the data privacy chain and how an individual or company can have different roles at different times.

Resources and Best Practices

Guidance on how to implement an effective and compliant data privacy program.

The webinar is being hosted by the SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board.

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