Risk + Exposure: Part 2: Discussions with the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board

Security Industry Association (SIA)

November 12, 2020


This afternoon-long event will feature discussions on the cybersecurity issues that are facing the physical security industry. Led by the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board, attendees will come away with a practical understanding of some of the sophisticated and sometimes cumbersome cybersecurity principles germane to the industry. Specific sessions focus on:

  • Securing Connected Endpoints – an exploration of common methods for securing connected security systems including an outline of the responsibilities across the security value channel.
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance – a demystification of the various compliance frameworks and how an organization can create a governance model tailored for their business.
  • Horizon Scanning – an analysis of the emerging technologies and business models that will pose cybersecurity threats and/ or opportunities for the physical security industry including Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


Introduction and Foundations of Cybersecurity


Governance and Compliance

How can an organization evaluate the different cyber frameworks (NIST NERC IEEE CMMP etc. ) in order to develop a governance model that works for their particular business. What tools and resources do an organization needs to make its own decision tree?

Securing Converged Endpoints

Who is responsible for which aspects of cybersecurity across the security ecosystem from Manufacturer to End Customer? How do these various roles interplay to foster a more resilient security supply chain?

Horizon Scanning

What technologies or processes related to cybersecurity will impact the physical security industry and how can potential risks can become opportunities?

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