SIA Webinars

May 5, 2020


The purpose of this webinar is to give security integrator leadership teams the blueprint for making the pivot to managed services models. In an industry that has traditionally relied on project-based cash sales, there is a growing business need to transition to a subscription-style of thinking and selling. The challenge and the opportunity faced by security integrators is how to initiate the change to a managed services model. This session will focus on the eight pillars to drive that change and inspire leaders to build a more sustainable business model that will increase the company’s resiliency and increase business continuity.

Key Topics:

  • Market drivers and sales challenges that present a problem and opportunity for security integrators
  • Why the subscription consumption model has gained favor during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The “8 Pillars to Pivot” that companies should follow when transitioning to a managed services model
  • How integrators build more recurring revenue and bring resiliency and business continuity to their company


  • Paul Metzheiser, managing partner, TAMCO
  • James Segil, president, Openpath Security
  • Will Duke, CEO, 360Integrated
  • Lee Odess, CEO, Inside Access Control (moderator)

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