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May 27, 2020


As COVID-19 continues to reshape our daily business operations and influence future planning for returning to work, consideration must be given to how companies and organizations can safely and securely reopen their facilities. Physical access control systems will play a major role in the gradual occupancy of offices, retail shops, residential properties, health care facilities and other shared spaces.

This webinar will present best practices on access control, identity management, visitor management, touchless access and integrated solutions for building management. Panelists from Ai-tronics, AlertEnterprise and Brivo will offer valuable insight into leveraging technology solutions (including legacy systems) and discuss mitigating actions that can potentially minimize virus spread.

Learning Objectives:

Jasvir Gill

Jasvir Gill, CEO, AlertEnterprise

Review best practices for managing workspace access to high-risk individuals.

Learn how to enforce health and safety policies around workforce access.

Identify self-service capabilities for employees, non-employees and visitors, including self-assessment access requests and entry/re-entry of employees, visitors and/or tenants.



Jeff Nielsen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Brivo

Discover how to re-purpose existing systems to adapt to post-COVID business needs.

Discuss vendor-client relationships and how to establish expectations for timely responses to requests for new/needed system features.

Learn about the importance of cloud-based/remote access control in a post-COVID world.


Sheldon Gabriel, CTO, Ai-tronics Systems

Discuss digital transformation components and how the future of access control solutions can contribute to the delivery of smart building solutions.

Demonstrate a focus towards designing solutions that not only function as a physical security process but as an environmentally aware subsystem with health and safety context.

Discover how to unlock new business opportunities with regards to health information, physical access control and safety systems integration.


  • Jasvir Gill, CEO, AlertEnterprise
  • Jeff Nielsen, CTO, Brivo
  • Sheldon Gabriel, CTO, Ai-tronics Systems

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